Decoding the Heft: How Much Does A Cuban Link Chain Weigh?

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The weight of Cuban link chains can vary dramatically, influenced by length, thickness, and purity. For example, a 10mm 14-karat gold Cuban link chain can weigh between 200 to 300 grams, depending on the length.

Real Fact: A notable example is the 2-kilogram, 10-karat gold chain owned by boxer Floyd Mayweather, showcasing the substantial nature of these pieces.

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14K Cuban Curb Yellow Gold Necklace Weight Chart

How To Find The Weight Of Cuban Links?

The most common way to measure the weight of a Cuban Link or curb link chain is to use a digital scale.

Place the chain on the scale and read the weight.

Another way is to use a ruler. Measure the length of the chain in inches, and then multiply that number by 0.05.

This will give you the approximate weight of the chain in ounces.

You can use the average weight to determine the authenticity of these chains, even though they are not all precisely the same weight.

The weight of a 16-inch Cuban chain can vary slightly depending on the size of the links.

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Where To Find Real Cuban Chains?

The best way to find genuine Cuban chains is to look for online retailers that sell Cuban chains.

Another option is to visit a jeweler who specializes in Cuban chains.

Only a few companies manufacture authentic Cuban Link chains online, as well as the difference between fake and real Cuban Link chains.

Learn more about where to buy the Cuban Link chain.

How Much Does A Cuban Link Chain Weight

There are plenty of Cuban Link chains on the market, and they range in quality according to the price range of Cuban.

A few details will help you determine whether the chain you are considering is an authentic Cuban Link chain.

Finish -Compared to other chain types, Cuban Link chains usually have a creative finish. Cuban Link chains are made using a chainmail pattern with a rough texture.
Design – Cuban Link chains are characterized by oval links with a slight curvature. The links should be open and have no visible “Links” at the ends.
End Connector – Cuban chains are distinguished by their double-ended socket connectors. A continuous piece should be used for this locket end, with no discernible seams. Lockets should also have top and bottom openings for easy removal.

Cuban Links are the strongest of all chains due to their thickness.

The chain measures 9mm wide and 30 inches long and weighs approximately 50 grams.

A chain with round links is heavier than a chain with flat links.

The solid Cuban Link chains are heavier than the hollow curb chain.


How Do I Check If The Chain Is Real?

You can spot fake Cuban chains by looking for specific characteristics.

You can easily spot a fake Cuban chain with the help of a magnet.

Weighing your Cuban chain can help you determine its authenticity.

Cuban chains are the heaviest chain type out there, and they generally range between 4 and 5 grams for each link.

If your Cuban Link chain is much lighter, it might not be authentic.

Another way to spot a fake Cuban Link chain is by its shape.

Authentic Cuban Link chains feature oval links with a slight curvature.

These links should be completely closed on the ends with no visible openings.

Fake Cuban Link chains, on the other hand, might have square links or openings where the links connect.

For more information about how to spot fake Cuban Links, see our separate guide


The Cuban chain is the strongest and most durable type of chain available.

It is impossible to assign a weight to a Cuban chain since each piece of jewelry is unique, but you can adjust each piece separately to fix a Cuban chain.

The weight of a Cuban Link chain depends on the number of links, the thickness of each link, the metal weight, and the length of the chain.

Chains with thicker links are heavier, and the number of chain links is correlated with weight.

When chains are made of metal, they are heavier.

You can easily remove links to customize the fit of your chain, making it a great option for both men and women.


This chain weighs 129 grams and has a durable clasp closure with two safety latches. 

The average weight of the Cuban Link chain is 141 grams.

The price of Cuban chains varies greatly depending on their size, length, and materials. The average cost of a 100 percent real gold Cuban chain is around $9,500, and custom pieces can cost up to $27,000.

Featuring a classic Miami Cuban Link design with a 6.0 mm width and an average weight of Cuban Link chain is 141 grams, this solid gold chain is a classic piece of jewelry.

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